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Do You Need To Rent A House In Timaru?

Do You Need To Rent A House In Timaru?If you have just landed a new job in Timaru, chances are you will be looking to rent a house. Many people like the idea of initially renting a place while they adapt to their new job and the community. Renting is a safer option than buying outright. Once you have lived in this South Canterbury region for at least six months you will soon know if it is place you can see yourself and your family living permanently. Continue reading

It Is Important To Shop For Rates!

It Is Important To Shop For Rates!Many a times, you must have been advised by the “experts” to “shop for rates”. But, I am quite sure that they must not have told you about the way in which you should shop for rates.

If you call up a lender to find out their interest rate without an understanding of how loans are priced and lock-in periods, believe it or not, you will end up with the most useless information.

This is because if you do not know Continue reading

Lease Purchase Clauses – Tenant Insurance & Property Condition at Move In

Lease Purchase Clauses - Tenant Insurance & Property Condition at Move InI’ve been a real estate investor for over thirty years and I love selling a house on a lease purchase.

Tenant Insurance: Tenant insurance is very important and I never waive from this for several reasons.

Most Landlords own several houses. If there is a claim, your property insurance premium will sky rocket on all your properties. You as Landlord are responsible for everything that goes Continue reading

Identify Your Buyers

Identify Your BuyersEveryone, if confronted with what they already like, will be happy to buy. Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy. You like to buy something if it is good and the value is good for you. That makes it an irresistible offer. To narrow down your target market, consider the age group of your buyers. If you are selling a $5 million property, your target market is probably older than the one you would Continue reading

Getting the Right Information on Home Rentals

Getting the Right Information on Home RentalsFor many people, living through the last recession has taken a financial and emotional toll. Gone are the days of free spending and deb. In today’s very different world, every penny counts! While the recession has been bad in many ways, it has also served an unexpected purpose – it has helped consumers realize that financial security is but an illusion and that they should never leave their money and their Continue reading

Selling Your Timeshare in a Challenging Market

Selling Your Timeshare in a Challenging MarketIf you’re wondering how to sell your timeshare in the challenging market we find ourselves in, you’re not alone. With so many timeshares on the market, it makes sense to have the experience and market knowledge that only a professional can provide. The good news is that at Timeshare Liquidators we can help. Every day those wondering how to buy a timeshare find the best buys Continue reading

Best Tips For Home Selling

Best Tips For Home SellingWhen you are trying to sell your house, you can neither change the location of house and the year when it was originally built, nor can you change the current housing market and convince people to begin buying homes. However, there is still a lot that you, as a seller, can do for selling your house faster and at the desired price. Listed below are the best tips for home selling that can help Continue reading

How to Create an Effective Roommate Profile

How to Create an Effective Roommate ProfileBefore posting a roommate needed listing on a totally free roommate service, establish your ideal list of things you want and don’t want in a roommate. It’s easy enough to find people nearby with a free person finder, but sharing housing involves much more than signing free roommate agreements and dividing living expenses. To insure the arrangement is as comfortable as possible for everyone, it’s Continue reading

Get the Best Rental Homes

Get the Best Rental HomesGetting the best rental homes is obviously not easy. You should be careful in selecting your rental homes. There are many rental homes available across the United States and a few rental tips will help you in your objective. The best way to find good rental property is to scout for a good real estate agent. A good real estate agent will be well informed about the homes available, possibly Continue reading

The Very Best Rental Housing Purchase You Can Make Right Now

The Very Best Rental Housing Purchase You Can Make Right NowThe very best housing purchase you can make right now has a number of characteristics. At the same time, many homes that investors are convincing themselves just can’t be a bad deal could in fact be terrible investments. The question is what to look for and what to avoid? Also, once you learn what to avoid, how do you qualify what you should choose?

First, very large homes far from the central city may not be a good Continue reading