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Apartment and Condo – Several Options to Find One

Apartment and Condo - Several Options to Find OneThe real estate market in Bangkok is on a high. If you are a foreigner and looking at retiring or making an investment, then the city of Bangkok could be a wise choice. One of the fastest growing cosmopolitan cities in Asia, this capital city offers a wide variety of housing options for tourists, locals and foreigners. Buying a Bangkok apartment or condo is one of the easiest and ideal options for foreigners due to the restrictions imposed on them for purchase of land.

Bangkok condos not only provide the best of accommodation and facilities but also ensure that you don’t miss your home by giving you a comfortable and homely ambience and style. Over the last few years, the number of property developers catering to expats has gone up tremendously and today the expat market has made the real estate business a lucrative venture. Although there is a Bangkok condo available for every taste and budget, it is mostly meant for the middle and upper strata of society.

In spite of political instability and a recessionary economy, the real estate business in the city is one sector which has steadily seen an upward surge and continues to have a promising and bright future. One way to locate a Bangkok apartment or condo is by looking out for the condos for rent sign boards in the many neighbourhoods of Bangkok. Thailand has always welcomed foreigners with open arms and expats have seized such opportunities time and again.

More often than not, foreigners who land in Bangkok find it difficult to locate the right Bangkok apartment as most of the newspapers and publications that carry real estate advertisements are in Thai language. For a foreigner new to Bangkok, this may be a bottleneck in finding the condo of his choice. This is where the many real estate agents and brokers come into the picture. There is no dearth for professional real estate agencies in Bangkok. A majority of them are specialists who can help you find the right accommodation to suit your budget and taste. Almost all of them have a presence online where they have developed their own websites to make the search easier.

The best way to find a Bangkok apartment or condo is with the help of the internet. There are many promoters and developers selling condos online. If you don’t want to go through a broker, then you can do your own research online, look for properties in Bangkok that are available for rent or sale and get in touch with the developer directly. While taking this route, you need to be absolutely sure of the developer. It becomes necessary to do a background check on the reputation of the builder, his past credentials, his standing in the market etc. Always consult a few people who have bought condos in the past before you finalise on a deal. The last thing you want is to get cheated in a foreign land.

However, if you are not confident of dealing with the builder on your own, the other practical option is to go through a reputed real estate broker. There are online sites that give you access to the best real estate agents in town. These sites also brief you about the kind of services offered by them, the rates charged by them and the neighbourhoods that they specialise in. This makes your search even easier and you can go for the agent who best matches your requirements.

Alternatively the internet also provides listings of Bangkok apartment and condos neighbourhood wise, giving you details of the facilities offered, the nearest sky trains, international schools and universities close to the property in question and the rentals and prevailing rates in the particular area under consideration. The advantage of online resources is that they also provide visuals of the Bangkok condo and apartments so it gives you an idea as to how they look. In some hi tech sites, you also have an option of taking a virtual tour of the condo online. This will give you a feeling of being physically present inside the house and taking a tour of the house.